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The Life Report team starts a series of episodes responding to a YouTube video made by a self-described pro-choice pro-gay rights activist. The video lists 55 "pro-life lies" he's heard, and the Life Report team is going to briefly discuss each one of them! Spoiler alert: We actually disagree with many of the "pro-life" statements in this video, so we're not going to pull any punches. This show is about raising the bar on our critical thinking skills, and that means taking a honest look at arguments from both sides of the abortion issue. In this episode, we respond to the "pro-life" statements: - "Abortion is malicious." - "Abortionists deserve to die." - "Partial-birth abortion is cruel." - "Planned Parenthood is racist."
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In this episode, Josh, Liz and Jon respond to pro-lifers that believe that President Obama's policies will reduce abortion rates more than McCain's would have. You can also check out all the sources for the arguments we make, mainly quoting from the side of the abortion advocates!
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We finally get to the emails Carrie has received recently that we didn't have time to get to on last week's show.
Listener Questions: - "Could you try and not make Right to Life about Christianity?" - "Let's say there is a woman that has some kind of condition where it is 100% impossible for her to carry a pregnancy more than 4 months. If pro-lifers could pass all the pro life legislation they wanted to, would this woman be guilty of some kind of murder if she continually and purposefully refused to use birth control knowing that any unborn baby would simply die in a maximum of 4 months?" Weekly Segments: - Pro-Life 101: "Is Anyone Safe?" - Link of the Week: March for Life websites
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Josh, Liz and Carrie respond to listener submitted questions. Listener Questions: - "What are some good pro-life political action committees to join?" - "If abortion became illegal..." - "Do you work in pro-life because of God or the unborn?"
Weekly Segments: - Pro-Life 101: "A Flawed Ethic" - Link of the Week: YouTube - Fetal Development Slideshow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2l1-kvKomg
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David Schmidt, Media Director for Live Action joins Josh, Carrie and Liz to discuss "The Mona Lisa Project," a series of undercover "sting" videos exposing Planned Parenthood's willingness to disobey statutory rape reporting laws. While a few similar stings have been done before, this is by far the most comprehensive and effective undercover project ever done by a pro-life group. You don't want to miss hearing about this! Weekly Segments: Pro-Life 101: "A Double Standard" Link of the Week: www.jfaweb.org (Justice For All)
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The Life Report team discuss Planned Parenthood's infamous gift certificates that can be used for abortions. You would think this would be a real heavy show, but I don't think Carrie has ever laughed so hard on the podcast at the ridiculousness of this story.

Weekly Segments: Pro-Life 101: A Lesson from Louise Brown Link of the Week: Heritage House (HH76.com)
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In this episode, the Life Report team give their reactions to the presidential election and discuss a recent story about a John Hopkins researcher claiming that abortion does NOT have a negative impact on women! (Carrie had some strong opinions about this one...)

Weekly Segments: Pro-Life 101: Inconsistencies Everywhere Link of the Week: HDRC.org (Human Development Resource Council)
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In this episode, Josh, Liz, Jon and Walter Hoye discuss a fascinating news story that seems to debunk a common pro-choice argument... Weekly Segments: Pro-Life 101: What Does Fetus Mean? Link of the Week: www.OMSoul.com
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In this episode, Josh, Liz, Jon and Walter Hoye respond to an audio clip from Fox's "Moment of Truth" show. After the break they discuss some positive AND negative comments from their YouTube video about George Carlin.
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Walter Hoye from the Issues4Life Foundation stopped by our studio to record a few shows with us. This first show is more of an interview with him, regarding the amazing work he does to reach the African-American community with the pro-life message.
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