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It's finally time to do a Pro-Life 101 show, with the basic apologetics and talking points EVERY pro-lifer should master if they want to dialogue with others about the subject of abortion. Before that, a listener writes in thanking us for the Henry Seratto show, and then hear Josh go nuts after a listener emails Carrie with a song request!
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Josh, Carrie and Liz discuss Hillary Clinton’s Planned Parenthood speech, given at the same event as Obama’s speech that was discussed in the last episode. Don’t miss hearing Josh’s “most unique car mishap story that you will ever hear in your life!” This show debuts the two new weekly segments "Link of the Week" and "Pro-Life 101." In "Link of the Week," Liz and/or Carrie will share a favorite pro-life link, either to a website or a YouTube video. In "Pro-Life 101," Josh will take 60 seconds to give you simple talking points that defeat a pro-abortion-choice argument .
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Many pro-lifers still don't know about the speeches Obama and Clinton made to Planned Parenthood last year, but what they said is very telling. In this show we analyze some of the things Obama said, and we'll take a close look at Clinton's speech in the next show.
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Yet another pro-life display has been vandalized, this time at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Luckily this time the pro-lifers had a camera, and the entire episode is on YouTube. Josh, Carrie and Liz comment on what happened, and then respond to various comments that have been made online in response to the video.
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Yale student creates controversy over "miscarriage art," and an Arizona pregnant woman hits 2 police vehicles while under the influence.
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Planned Parenthood wants a "gag" placed on pro-life ads, "The View's" Joy Behar says pro-lifers are against women's rights, and Josh's head just about explodes after Liz reads a story about Obama and Clinton saying they don't know when life begins!
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A Planned Parenthood Investigation; a UNC Professor Suggests the Abortion of ALL Down Syndrome Babies; Sex-Selection Abortions in the Fresno Bee; Poll Shows Barack Obama Fares Better With Pro-Lifers Than Hillary Clinton.
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Guest Henry Seratto joins the studio to share his personal experience with post-abortion syndrome, leading to a discussion on how abortion effects men differently than abortion. Don't miss Henry's beautiful song!
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We've received listener mail! After reading and discussing the first two emails to the show, Liz shares a current events story of Obama's recent controversial statement in which he says he wouldn't "punish" his daughters with a baby. Have a question or topic you'd like discussed on the show? Send an email to Josh at Josh@ProLifePodcast.net and receive a FREE book when we read it on the air!
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Josh comes to the show frustrated with most protestant churches lack of involvement in pro-life activism. He starts the show by telling the "straw that broke the camel's back" last weekend when he talked to an usher at one of the largest protestant churches in Fresno that is pro-choice. Afterwards, Josh, Carrie and Liz discuss several reasons why many churches don't get involved. (Ignorance, being overwhelmed, apathy and fear.) The discussion is closed with a list of practical things the church CAN do without losing its tax-exempt status.
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