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WARNING: Between 7:30 and 9:36 of this program there are disturbing and violent descriptions read (non-sexual, just violent) that we would not recommend for pre-teens. If you are a parent and unsure whether your kids are ready for this, we encourage you to screen it first and decide for yourself. Show Notes: It's the last in our 3-part series on refining pro-life argumentation: "5 Lousy Philosophic Arguments AGAINST Abortion." Basically, don't use any of the arguments listed in this episode. And once again, Carrie doesn't agree with all the arguments on Josh's list, so debate ensues! You don't want to miss this! Weekly Segments: Pro-Life 101: "Right to Choose" Link of the Week: StandUpGirl.com
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Continuing our 3-part series on refining pro-life argumentation, Josh offers his list of the "4 weakest pro-life bumper stickers ever." An engaging debate continues as Liz and Carrie don't necessarily agree with all of Josh's picks!
Next week Josh, Carrie and Liz finish the 3-part series with "5 lousy philosophic arguments AGAINST abortion." Stay tuned!
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Josh attempts to refine pro-life argumentation in the next 3 shows. In this show, Josh encourages pro-lifers to understand the facts, and not use phrases based on old science that make us sound dumb to pro-choicers that know better. Next week Josh, Carrie and Liz discuss what Josh calls "the 4 weakest pro-life bumper stickers ever," and finish with "5 lousy philosophic arguments AGAINST abortion." Stay tuned!
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Carrie takes us through her list of 9 tips for talking to a woman considering an abortion. This week's Pro-Life 101 segment answers the argument that a woman has more rights than her unborn child, and this week's "Link of the Week," is Feminists for Life. Access it by clicking the link on this week's podcast show notes at http://.blog.prolifepodcast.net.
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It's finally time to do a Pro-Life 101 show, with the basic apologetics and talking points EVERY pro-lifer should master if they want to dialogue with others about the subject of abortion. Before that, a listener writes in thanking us for the Henry Seratto show, and then hear Josh go nuts after a listener emails Carrie with a song request!
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Josh, Carrie and Liz discuss Hillary Clinton’s Planned Parenthood speech, given at the same event as Obama’s speech that was discussed in the last episode. Don’t miss hearing Josh’s “most unique car mishap story that you will ever hear in your life!” This show debuts the two new weekly segments "Link of the Week" and "Pro-Life 101." In "Link of the Week," Liz and/or Carrie will share a favorite pro-life link, either to a website or a YouTube video. In "Pro-Life 101," Josh will take 60 seconds to give you simple talking points that defeat a pro-abortion-choice argument .
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Many pro-lifers still don't know about the speeches Obama and Clinton made to Planned Parenthood last year, but what they said is very telling. In this show we analyze some of the things Obama said, and we'll take a close look at Clinton's speech in the next show.
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Yet another pro-life display has been vandalized, this time at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Luckily this time the pro-lifers had a camera, and the entire episode is on YouTube. Josh, Carrie and Liz comment on what happened, and then respond to various comments that have been made online in response to the video.
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Yale student creates controversy over "miscarriage art," and an Arizona pregnant woman hits 2 police vehicles while under the influence.
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Planned Parenthood wants a "gag" placed on pro-life ads, "The View's" Joy Behar says pro-lifers are against women's rights, and Josh's head just about explodes after Liz reads a story about Obama and Clinton saying they don't know when life begins!
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