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A Planned Parenthood Investigation; a UNC Professor Suggests the Abortion of ALL Down Syndrome Babies; Sex-Selection Abortions in the Fresno Bee; Poll Shows Barack Obama Fares Better With Pro-Lifers Than Hillary Clinton.
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Guest Henry Seratto joins the studio to share his personal experience with post-abortion syndrome, leading to a discussion on how abortion effects men differently than abortion. Don't miss Henry's beautiful song!
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We've received listener mail! After reading and discussing the first two emails to the show, Liz shares a current events story of Obama's recent controversial statement in which he says he wouldn't "punish" his daughters with a baby. Have a question or topic you'd like discussed on the show? Send an email to Josh at Josh@ProLifePodcast.net and receive a FREE book when we read it on the air!
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Josh comes to the show frustrated with most protestant churches lack of involvement in pro-life activism. He starts the show by telling the "straw that broke the camel's back" last weekend when he talked to an usher at one of the largest protestant churches in Fresno that is pro-choice. Afterwards, Josh, Carrie and Liz discuss several reasons why many churches don't get involved. (Ignorance, being overwhelmed, apathy and fear.) The discussion is closed with a list of practical things the church CAN do without losing its tax-exempt status.
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Is it time for Roe vs. Wade to go? Josh, Carrie and Liz discuss the last 2 out of 5 reasons why they think Roe should be overturned, and then talk about what would actually happen IF Roe was overturned.
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Is it time for Roe vs. Wade to go? Roe vs. Wade was passed in 1973, and the topic is being discussed more frequently now that the Supreme Court make-up has become more pro-life. In Part 1, Josh, Carrie and Liz discuss 3 out of 5 reasons why they think Roe should be overturned. Stay tuned for Part 2 next week!
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In this show, Josh, Liz, Carrie and Michael Seaward finish the conversation about the recent Genocide Awareness Project at Visalia's College of the Sequoias.
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In this show, TKRL Youth Outreach Coordinator Michael Seaward joins the show to talk about the recent Genocide Awareness Project he organized at Visalia's College of the Sequoias. There was a lot of media coverage to this particular project after the college administration tried to censor the project, a decision even pro-choice students disagreed with. After discussing what really happened at COS, Liz, Carrie and Josh share a few stories from dialogues they had with pro-choice students.
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In this unusually "heavy" show, co-host Carrie Guy shares the story about her abortion, and what post-abortive women go through after an abortion, and why we need to understand this. After the break, Josh, Carrie and Liz discuss 6 reasons NOT to support the March of Dimes! You don't want to miss this.
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In this episode of Life Report, Rob Pennington comes in to the studio for a guest interview. Rob is one of the leading activists for the Sarah's Law campaign, a family notification measure in CA. After chatting about what Sarah's Law is and why CA needs it, we put Rob on the "Hotseat," grilling him on all of the pro-abortion-choice arguments against Sarah's Law!

Go to http://blog.prolifepodcast.net for Show Links, including a PDF of the Planned Parenthood poster contest Josh mentioned!
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