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On today's show, John talks about the recent oral arguments before the Supreme Court regarding AB 775, California's 2015 law that forces pro-life pregnancy centers to advertise for abortion.  Check it out!

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Today on Right to Life Radio, John talks with Bernadette Tasy from Fresno State Students for Life, and discusses a disturbing Washington Post editorial on abortion and Down Syndrome.  Tune in!

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On today's show, John Gerardi explains some of the key legal ideas underlying Roe v. Wade, and explains just how much of your money goes to Planned Parenthood. Tune in!

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John explains why Bishop Thomas Paprocki of the Diocese of Springfield is banning Senator Dick Durbin, a Catholic politician, from receiving communion from Catholic Churches in his diocese. He also discusses teaching on abortion throughout the history of Christianity. Tune in!

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John talks about our educational brunch on Saturday, where we'll be discussing First Amendment attacks on the pro-life movement.  We also discuss some crazy comments from Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards.  Tune in!

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On today's show, John Gerardi discusses the trend in the Democratic party away from pro-life candidates, a bill to extend the child tax credit to pregnant women, and some constitutional law regarding the rights of men in the abortion decision.  Tune in!

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On today's show, John and Jonathan talk about developments with SB 320 and the upcoming Supreme Court arguments to challenge California's Reproductive FACT Act, which mandates pro-life pregnancy resource clinics to refer patients to abortion providers.  Tune in!

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On today's episode of Right to Life Radio John Gerardi and Jonathan Keller discuss the latest in pro-life news, from SB-320 to assisted suicide. Hear more about SB-320, what this will mean for all state colleges and possibly even private colleges. For more news and updates visit www.RightToLifeCA.org

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On today's show, John Gerardi and Jonathan Keller talk about Cecile Richards leaving Planned Parenthood, President Trump's speech at the March for Life in Washington DC, local coverage of SB 320, and the upcoming US Senate vote on a 20-week abortion ban.  We should have done a two-hour show!  Tune in!
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John talks with Jonathan Keller from California Family Council about the 2018 March for Life in Washington, DC.  John also discusses the results of polling data from Marist and the Knights of Columbus showing the shifting attitudes of the country on abortion.
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