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Clovis student Josh Yee joins Josh, Liz and Carrie to discuss common pro-choice arguments. Josh Yee gets into abortion discussions on a daily basis, and he brought five arguments he hears that he has a hard time responding to. The Life Report team goes through the arguments one by one giving practical talking points that YOU can use to respond to these arguments. Pro-Choice Arguments: 1. "It’s the woman's body, she should be able to do what she wants with it." 2. "What about the dangers of having a baby? A mother should be able to avoid these dangers by getting an abortion." 3. "A baby is not a baby until it’s born, so abortions are ok because it is not a human yet." 4. "A baby is a problem that can be solved by getting an abortion." 5. "If a mother is not ready to take care of a baby, she can have an abortion to rid herself of the responsibility."
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