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David French is a Senior Counsel at the American Center for Law and Justice. A graduate of Harvard Law School, he is a former Senior Counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund. David has written multiple books and his articles have been published by the Washington Post and Washington Times, among others. He has also founded Evangelicals for Mitt.

I wanted to bring David on to respond to the most common concerns that pro-life people have about voting for Romney. And that he did...

Here are the questions I asked David in this interview:

  1. What do you say to Evangelicals who say that abortion is just another "social justice issue."
  2. Why should evangelical's vote for Mitt Romney?
  3. What is your response to William Saleton's lengthy piece in Slate about Romney's abortion views?
  4. Do you think that Romney has a chance of winning the election?
  5. Some people argue that Christians should just "vote their conscience" meaning vote for whichever candidate most aligns with their personal beliefs. So they usually vote third party or they don't vote at all because they argue that the outcome is not their responsibility, but voting their conscience is. What do you say to them?
  6. Nick from Carbondale, Illionois: "Why should Christians accept the two-party system and indeed the political spectrum itself as somehow written in stone and never being able to change?"
  7. Tara from Marietta GA: "How are we supposed to vote based on principles if we are given only non-principled choices?"
  8. Jen from Rochester, NY: "Why should pro-lifers vote for Romney when his health care policy forced everyone to buy abortion coverage?"
  9. What do you say to Christians in California and New York who feel defeated before the election even happens, or to Christians in Texas where they may feel complacent? How do you tell them to avoid discouragement or apathy?
  10. Jonathan Merritt wrote a book called "A Faith of Our Own - Following Jesus Beyond the Culture Wars" and he argues that you're creating a false dichotomy for Christians: either fight the culture wars or stay silent. Is that a false dichotomy or is that not even your argument?
  11. Greg from Kansas City: "Why should Christians vote for a Mormon over a Protestant Christian?"
  12. What do you think Christians should be doing with social media in regards to this election?
  13. What can and can't pastors do in regards to speaking about politics from the pulpit?
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