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Josh Brahm interviews Jen Roth, a pro-life philosopher who’s also an atheist and co-founder of All Our Lives. Jen explains how she communicates and defends her pro-life position. Jen also responded to questions from both pro-life and pro-choice live listeners, and closes the show by asking Josh how he grounds his view that humans are valuable. Josh’s Questions for Jen: 1: How would you communicate your pro-life position? 2: How do you respond when a pro-choice person says the unborn are not persons as you and I are? 3: Do you distinguish between humans and all other animals? 4: How would you respond to someone who bites the bullet and concedes that newborns are not valuable people? 5: What about rape? 6: Assuming the unborn are valuable people, how do you respond to the objection that making abortion illegal would you would be violating womens’ bodily autonomy, or bodily integrity? 7: By basic needs, do you mean universal or something else? 8: As an atheist, would the argument that the uterus is designed for pregnancy hold weight? 9: How would you respond if a pro-choicer moves from bodily rights to rape? Does parental responsibility hold up in that case? 10: Some say that not allowing abortions is inherently discriminatory because she could not walk away from the pregnancy in the same way a jerky man could. What do you say to that? 11: And what do you think of the counter that a law prohibiting abortion would not be inherently discriminatory unless it stated that only women could not have abortions (as men could, theoretically, one day become pregnant despite the extreme risk of danger)? 12: Would you consider yourself a moral relativist? 13: How would you respond to the pro-choicer who thinks that we should be able to abort babies that have physical or mental defects? 14: How do you think the way you ground your pro-life argument differs from pro-life theists? Questions from Live Listeners: 1: Would the thought that birth gives us full human rights not be consistent? 2: Even if we concede there is an intrusion going on in the woman’s body, in the case of rape, to remain pregnant against her will, the intrusion against the child’s body in the case of abortion outweighs the intrusion in the case of rape. Is that a good pro-life argument or a bad one? 3: As an atheist, what do you believe makes humans so valuable that all humans, even the unborn, should be protected? 4: As an atheist, from a pro-choicer who believes abortion is permissible from a moral relativist position, how would you answer that objection and say that abortion is never morally permissible?
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Josh describes an abortion debate he's having online with someone, who's using philosopher Eileen McDonagh's argument that the fetus is comparable to a rapist, implanting itself in the mother's body without consent, and that the mother has the right to refuse consent and repel the fetus like she would a rapist. How should pro-lifers respond to this fringe version of the bodily rights argument?
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Includes caller questions and listener mail on heading off relativism at the start of a conversation, responding to pro-choice questions and Josh takes back something he said in an earlier podcast about ineffective biblical arguments!
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1: How Josh's pro-life story started 2: How pro-lifers should use social networking (and how they shouldn't) 3: How can we activate pastors that are afraid of preaching clearly on abortion? 4: How did Life Report get started? 5: Is the pro-life battle a winnable war?
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The Life Report team brings back a classic Life Report topic: pro-life bumper stickers. It quickly becomes a debate between Josh and Andrew on what the purpose of a pro-life bumper sticker should be, while Liz, as usual, mediates. Listener Competition: Create your own pro-life bumper sticker and email it to Josh. It can't be based on a bumper stick or slogan already in use. We'll vote on the best bumper sticker in a future episode and the winner will receive a $50 Best Buy gift card!
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Guest Co-Host: Christina Dunigan, Pro-Life Researcher/Blogger http://realchoice.blogspot.com/ Caller 1: Isn't claiming that the aborting of disabled babies will shut down the Special Olympics a bad pro-life argument? 2: It seems like our government is turning a blind eye to abortion facilities with low health standard. Do you feel there will ever be a time when our government will take action on this issue? 3: I think it's a good idea to try to understand the motivations of pro-choice politicians. Listener Mail: Antonio from Portugal writes to us with some shocking excerpts about abortion from a sexuality textbook in Spain.
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Live Action President Lila Rose and Media Director David Schmidt join Josh to discuss their latest project, IStandWithIndiana.org. They explain why Indiana is the "ground zero" of the abortion battle right now, discuss their project and Planned Parenthood’s reaction to it. They then respond to listener comments & questions, from both pro-lifers and pro-choicers.
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Note from Josh: Open Line runs through Skype, and Skype was apparently working very poorly the night we recorded this. Thus, the audio is pretty skippy. You can still follow what we’re saying, but it’s not nearly the same quality you’re used to from Life Report. If you’re willing to be patient with that, I think the content of this show will be helpful to you. From now on, we’ll run a backup recording off our mixer so that if Skype acts stupid again, we can replace the audio straight from our board. Caller Questions: 1: "How would you respond to this pro-choice argument: ‘DNA is like computer code, and many fetuses die before birth because their computer code malfunctions, so we really can’t know if a fetus is human until it’s born.’" 2: "I think the popular pro-life quote, ‘abortion has killed one-fourth of our generation’ is both a false statistic and a poor argument." Listener Mail Questions: 1: "Technically, ‘abortion’ is the termination of a pregnancy following, accompanied by, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus. Because a) this can apply to miscarriages and b) it’s the killing of the child, not the ending of the pregnancy, that we oppose, do you think it would behoove us to use a different word?" 2: "My friend wants to become an embryonic stem cell researcher. Is there any unique way you would discuss the issue of life with an abortion doctor or an embryonic stem cell researcher?" 3: "I was wondering, why some people would oppose reproductive cloning but not therapeutic/research cloning? It seems the one that doesn’t kill people would be preferred."
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The Life Report team responds to the concern that by exposing poor pro-life arguments, we are helping pro-choice people win debates with pro-lifers who use those arguments. Are we inadvertently equipping "the enemy?"
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Guest Co-Host: Pro-Life Pastor Kristopher Mobbs. Includes listener questions on legislating morality, pro-life warning labels, the burning IVF lab scenario, and a pro-choice listener calls in to ask about whether women might be unjustly prosecuted for miscarriages if abortion becomes illegal.
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The Life Report team responds to an email from a future Canadian pro-life apologist, who received an email from a post-abortive woman on Facebook who was offended by the pro-life stories he was posting. Topics covered: How to "know your audience" on Facebook Tips for effective pro-life dialogue online Customizing your pro-life Facebook posts so that your post-abortive or pro-choice friends won’t see them
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Josh presents this question for the panel: "In one-on-one abortion dialogue situations, should pro-lifers help pro-choicers make better arguments?" This is easily one of the most controversial topics we've ever debated. Comment below and give us your thoughts! Wondering why Andrew is in Kyle's old chair? We discussed this at the beginning of our first Open Line show.
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Special guest Jason Jones is back for a second episode! Questions for Jason: 1: How does "Whole Life" take a unique approach to pro-life activism? 2: What does Jason mean that the pro-life movement needs to change Hollywood, and how can we do it? 3: How can pro-lifers change the culture through art? 4: What activities can pro-life clubs on college campuses do that will change their culture?
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Jason Jones, producer at Metanoia Films, which includes "Bella," comes to the studio to take on the Life Report Questionnaire. Check back next week to see part 2 of Jason's interview, where we discuss how pro-lifers can use art to create a culture of life.
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Questions from Live Listeners: 1: "Would [using the word genocide] derail the conversation from abortion, and would you spend an unnecessary amount of time defending yourself?" 2: "Is there a statistical link showing an increase in attempted suicides by post-abortive women?"
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It’s the tenth part of our popular "Responding to Pro-Life Lies Video" series. The video lists 55 "pro-life lies" she’s heard, and in this series, we’re responding to them all! (And pro-lifers are often surprised by our stance on some of these!) Here are the 4 "pro-life lies" we respond to in this episode: 1: "Teens who give birth are giving the gift of life." 2: "Pregnancy builds character." 3: "Abortion is worse than the Holocaust." 4: "Abortion is worse than slavery."
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It’s Life Report’s first lightning round episode! We’re reviewing our popular "Responding to Pro-Life Lies Video" series, which we are most of the way through, but that was before the TV show started. To review, Josh picks 11 of the 36 "pro-life lies" that we’ve already discussed on the show. To catch up on this series, visit http://prolifepodcast.net/category/pro-life-lies-video. Here are the 16 statements we quickly respond to in this episode: "Partial birth abortion is cruel." "The Bible says abortion is wrong." "Planned Parenthood is racist." "Abstinence-only education will prevent abortion." "A third of our generation is missing." "Fetuses can breathe." "A woman is someone who can give birth." "Women who abort are sluts." "All women regret abortion." "Women who abort don’t use birth control." "No one would consider abortion after having children." "Women are meant to have babies." "The heart beats, therefore it is wrong to kill it." "An aborted child could have cured cancer." "Back-alley abortions are a myth." "Abortion is malicious."
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The Life Report team discusses the new website, ThanksAbortion.com, as well as their controversial t-shirts. Afterwards, Josh shares a story of walking up to some pro-life activists at Fresno City College and pretending to be pro-choice. Learn what common mistake the activists made while debating Josh. Listener Mail: 1: British listener on why this podcast has been helpful to him, and the status of abortion rights in the UK. 2: How do you do pro-life work without getting down in the dumps?
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Our fans have asked for more "war stories" from our dialogues with pro-choice people. Josh brings a story of a conversation with a staunch abortion supporter. He talks about several mistakes he made, and also what unusual tactics Josh used that lead to the woman becoming changing her mind!
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The show starts with Kyle confessing to an addiction to a massive online multiplayer Lord of the Rings game. Hilarity ensues. We get the chance to correct faulty logic from both sides of the abortion debate in this episode. We go from pro-life YouTube commenters stating that a CGI animation of fetal development is "proof that life begins at conception" to Planned Parenthood volunteers declaring war on science in a public debate.
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Liz starts the show expressing her concern that we came across too harsh against the pro-life sidewalk counselors in the last episode. After clarifying our feelings about that, we transition to the question of how pro-lifers should respond to severe fetal deformity. Pro-choicers point to children that will die within hours of birth as a case that proves abortion should be available. What are the most effective ways to respond? We answer that in this show, which is also the most emotional show we’ve ever recorded.
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I’ve done a lot of radio interviews, but I don’t enjoy any of them as much as I enjoy the never-ending banter between myself and Ken Adams at KRDU. I posted an MP3 of an interview with Ken last year, and it was the 5th most popular MP3 of the year. What’s different this year? Neither Ken or myself held back! Topics include: 1. Why I started the podcast 2. Faulty pro-life arguments 3. Does my show ever offend pro-lifers? 4. Does it bothers me when it does? 5. What does it mean practically to be an ambassador for Christ? 6. How did we make the transition to broadcast television? 7. How can religious TV broadcasting become more youth friendly? 8. How can we sum up the pro-life position in 10 seconds? 9. Should we use Bible verses during conversations with atheists about abortion and stem cell research? 10. How did turning the podcast into a TV series change the show?
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The Life Report team responds to a viral video of an aborting dad confronting two pro-life protestors outside of an abortion facility.
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We start by introducing the new show as well as Andrew, our new co-host, who is replacing Kyle. Caller #1: Parental notification absurdity. Caller #2: "What do you think about the strategy of passing state personhood amendments?" We close by discussing Josh's viral article, warning pro-lifers to stay on topic when debating the morality of abortion.
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David Lee from Justice For All takes on the Life Report Questionnaire. Highlight: David’s answer after I asked him what to say to pro-lifers that think using Stand to Reason’s "Ambassador for Christ" model is playing it too nice with pro-choicers...
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Josh welcomes their new KNXT audience and briefly introduces the show and cast. Afterwards, the Life Report team discusses a Sun Magazine article about a British woman who had 4 abortions in 3 years. A critical analysis is also made of the pro-life and pro-choice response to the article. We close by explaining how YOU can use this story in dialogues with pro-choice people.
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Trent Horn from Justice For All join us to answer the question, "are the unborn organisms?" Trent answers the questions: - What differentiates a living human embryo from other living human tissue like cancer cells? - How do you respond when someone says "an organism must be a separate, independent entity?" - A new pro-choice argument is that an organism must be able to direct its own growth, but an embryo requires the mother's RNA to do this. How do you respond? Pro-life advocates would be wise to learn how to respond to these questions, as they are coming up more and more often. Listener Mail: "Why do you think the area of in vitro fertilization is so often ignored by the pro-life movement? What should pro-lifers be doing about IVF, and why?"
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Trent Horn sits in for Kyle, joining Josh and Liz in a discussion about whether pro-lifers should encourage censorship of pro-choice activities.
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Trent Horn from Justice For All is in studio to conclude our discussion about the ultimate pro-choice argument: bodily rights. In this episode, Trent refutes the "right to refuse" argument, and then exposes several poor arguments pro-lifers sometimes make attempting to refute "right to refuse." We close by responding to some listener mail on the topic of bodily rights arguments.
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This was our second attempt at sticking to a strict time format where the closing music came on automatically and we had to wrap up before the voice over comes on. Listen to what REALLY happened when we nailed the ending perfectly.
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Trent Horn from Justice For All is in studio the next two episodes to discuss the ultimate pro-choice argument: bodily rights. Trent has spent the last year creating new ways for pro-lifers to understand and approach this argument. In today’s episode, Trent helps us understand the two types of bodily rights arguments, and refutes the first and most common version.
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Josh starts the show by talking about a poor philosophical argument against abortion that hasn't been covered on Life Report before: "abortion is wrong because it hurts the economy." Listener Mail: 1. "Would it be legal to do in vitro fertilization, but ask for only male embryos to be implanted?" 2. "I commented on a pro-choice video on YouTube, but I think I came off kind of jerky. Can you tell me what I could have done better?"
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PG-13 WARNING: While female genital mutilation is never described in this episode, the concept in general is very difficult, and we would recommend parental discretion if young children are around. In this episode, Josh shares a recent debate about U.S. policy on female genital mutilation, and how this story can be used by pro-lifers when discussing back-alley abortions. This may turn out to be one of the strongest pro-life arguments against the view that abortion should be kept legal to protect women from more dangerous abortions. But you’ll have to watch or listen to the show to learn how YOU can use this in abortion dialogues. (Thanks to Justice For All’s Trent Horn for alerting Josh to this argument.) Listener Mail: "Say, I’ve been using the S.L.E.D. argument in a few debates. However, some people will just bite the bullet and say that the mentally handicapped and Alzheimer’s patients are non-persons, or that there is no difference between killing and eating babies versus pigs. No matter how hard I try, I cannot seem to show them how repugnant this is."
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Josh recounts posting a comment responding to a fringe pro-abortion-choice blog called "The Abortion Gang." They were asking why pro-lifers are so excited about the most recent opinion polls stating that more than 50% of Americans identify themselves as "pro-life," when a lot of those people would still keep some abortions legal, like for rape and incest. Listen for my response to them. What would you have said? Listener Mail: 1: I keep hearing on the archives references on the ads for the pro-life summer camps to "pro-life games." What is a pro-life game? 2: Did you know that 43% of Democrats agree that "abortion kills a human being and is manslaughter?"
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A huge buzz was created in the pro-life community this Summer over the Ichthus Christian Music Festival censoring a pro-life booth run by Bryan Kemper and Stand True Ministries. Now find out what REALLY happened at the Ichthus music festival. Bryan Kemper has given Josh special permission to talk about some of the worst parts of this story that have not been published before. The Life Report team will also give you tips on how to share your concerns with the Ichthus Music Festival leadership in a way that will most likely get results.
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One of the most important aspects of this show is analyzing how to have effect dialogues with people about abortion. In today's show, the Life Report team examine the mistake Josh makes most often when talking about abortion. Ironically, Liz makes the opposite mistake. Both are examined and tips are offered for those struggling with the same mistakes as Josh and Liz. But you have to watch the show to find out what those mistakes are...
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The Life Report team celebrates their 100th episode by briefly looking back at starting the show, and Josh admits he didn't think they'd last this long. For something different, Josh makes Liz, Kyle and Carrie compete in a pro-life quiz. Play along at home, and see if you can beat them!
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Alan Shlemon from Stand to Reason takes on the Life Report Questionnaire. Highlight: In response to question #7, Alan offers some very helpful thoughts on responding to assisted suicide, noting that "compassion" means suffering WITH a person, not killing them.
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Listener Mail: how many abortionists have been murdered in the U.S. since Roe v Wade; message from a new pro-choice fan; auditing pro-choice slogan: "if you can't trust me with a choice, how can you trust me with a child;" Josh is challenged on the CatholicVote.org debate from last year.
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We wrap up our two-episode analysis of the recent ultrasound discussion on "The View." Watch full video at http://YouTube.com/LifeReport.
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It's funnier if you listen to the interview first.
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Joshua Pedrick, Catherine Wurts and Jacob Burow with Justice For All in studio! Also one of the funniest episodes we've ever recorded, ever.
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Jon Wagner and Maureen McKinley from Justice For All discuss why they chose dialogue work versus other types of pro-life work, and their biggest pet-peeves about pro-life AND pro-choice advocates.
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On a recent episode of "The View," the hosts discussed a new ultrasound bill in Oklahoma. In the next two episodes of Life Report, we respond to some of the arguments made, so that you'll know what to say if you hear somebody else make these arguments in the future. You can watch the full video of us taping this episode at http://blog.prolifepodcast.net/2010/06/22/97-did-they-just-say-that-the-view-discusses-new-ultrasound-bill-part-2.aspx
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Listener Mail Questions: "Can you discuss the facts surrounding abortion-related violence? What do you think of the AbortionViolence.com website?" 2: "How should we react when the other side calls the fetus a "parasite," and do you think this is a more common pro-choice argument lately?" 3: "The argument that pro-lifers are anti-women is based on anti-feminist principles!"
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Highlight: In response to the question, "how should pro-lifers interact with those who are pro-abortion-choice," Walter brings in his personal experiences outside the abortion facility in his answer.
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Josh tries to keep everyone focused as he leads a brief show meeting about the future plans of Life Report becoming a TV show. He coaches the team in not going on tangents and how to handle the new 28 minute format. This is only interesting if you're a die hard fan and want to get a peek behind the curtains of our show.
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This was our first attempt at sticking to a strict time format where the closing music came on automatically and we had to wrap up before the voice over comes on. Listen to what REALLY happened when we nailed the ending perfectly.
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In the main body of today's episode, Josh shares a story about a conversation he had with a stranger about abortion, and asks the question, did he handle the situation correctly, or should he have pushed the issue further? We discuss the topic of, "how can pro-lifers talk about this issue with strangers without being weird?" Also, "what are some nonverbal cues for people to watch out for when they're talking with someone?" Before the story, Josh plays some "foley" sound effects he recently recorded with a family. You can watch a behind the scenes video of the making of these sounds here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_G5lIk9WeYI
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Kyle talks about the effectiveness of post-abortive women reaching out on campus. More deleted scenes at http://prolifepodcast.net/deletedscenes/index.html.
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Listen to what really happened after the episode was over! Liz goes after Kyle for not backing her up in the debate. Kyle finds out what happens when you don't side with your fiancee. :D More BTS moments at http://prolifepodcast.net/bts/index.html.
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Kyle tells another story from campus about defusing situations, and understanding how to handle administrations that infringe upon constitutional rights. After the break, Josh shares a story and discusses effective vs. ineffective biblical arguments against abortion. The controversial question comes up: "Are Jeremiah 1:5 and Psalm 139 effective verses to make a biblical against abortion? If not, what would be more effective passages?" Finally we again have some disagreement on the show over the value of using certain passages, so don't miss the Great Theological Debate!
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Topics you'll hear us talk about: - Defusing situations - Communicating graciously - How to follow on the feet of a more ‘abrasive’ situation. (Working as a team to meet people where they are and build common ground even when on hostile ground) - Triage, and how that relates to "life of the mother" circumstances - Finding common ground - Responding to religious pluralism ("all paths lead to the same God") - Responding to hardcore moral relativism
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You can probably tell that we have a lot of fun with each other while recording these shows. Often times, the most fun we have is while we're NOT recording. More BTS moments at http://prolifepodcast.net/bts/index.html
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After an exciting announcement about a few of our co-hosts, we get into a discussion about the health care bill. A lot of wonderful pro-lifer advocates have already been talking about what's in the bill, and how pro-lifers should respond to it, and we link to some of the best below. So instead of doing the same thing, I decided to have a side discussion I haven't heard other people talking about: how can we effectively talk about this bill without coming across to some as jerks who don't care about uninsured people?
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Josh Brahm was recently interviewed by Immaculate Heart Radio's "Gift of Life" program. The show has an estimated audience of one million listeners, and the topics included, "why did you start a podcast in the first place;" "what topics do you often speak on;" "what do you think about Planned Parenthood;" and "why are churches not more involved in ending abortion?"
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Before answering the Life Report Questionnaire, David Bereit of 40 Days for Life offers his thoughts on the most effective ways to do sidewalk counseling. Highlight: David provides a very thoughtful response to Josh's question about the pros and cons of using graphic visuals outside of abortion facilities.
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Walter Hoye joins Josh in the studio to discuss his story from last year, when he was arrested for sidewalk counseling in front of an Oakland abortion facility. After the break, Walter responds to questions sent in from Life Report fans!
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Topics: - Steve's book, "Common Ground Without Compromise;" - The difficulties of dialoguing with people online; - Why we shouldn't use the terms "biogenesis" and "brainwaves" anymore; - Why it takes so much time and effort to communicate well with those that are different from us; - Steve's thoughts on the personhood versus incrementalism debate, how BOTH sides have sophisticated arguments, and how they should treat each other.
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From today's Link of the Week recording session.
Direct download: LinkBlooper-KyleCantSayForsyth.mp3
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Josh, Kyle and Jon conclude their discussion of the infamous Superbowl ad. Was it "pro-life enough," or was it masterfully innocent? After the break, they talk about pro-life voting guidelines, particularly as it relates to the controversial election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts, a pro-abortion-choice Republican.
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After giving Josh a hard time for not coming on his station often enough, Ken Adams asks Josh about the podcast, as well as the murder of Dr. Tiller, the use of "new media" in the pro-life movement, faulty pro-life arguments, how to have effective dialogues with pro-abortion-choice people, and Fresno Right to Life's upcoming Walkathon fundraiser.
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It's a testosterone-packed podcast with Josh, Kyle and Jon discussing the whole Superbowl Ad controversy! Just HOW insane was the reaction of the National Organization of Women on this one? Did the Tim Tebow ad venture into the problems Josh had with the "Imagine the Potential" CatholicVote ads from his infamous debate with Jon last year? These questions are definitively answered in this episode.
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Josh starts the show by telling one of the most important news stories of 2009 for pro-lifers to be aware of. After the break, we respond to some listener mail in response to a recent discussion on pro-life voting guidelines.
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I've always loved the bloopers compilations on DVD's, so I figured, why not do the same thing for a radio show? If you enjoy the fact that we don't always sound intelligent in the making of our show, then you're going to love this. To listen to more bloopers, go to http://prolifepodcast.net/bloopers/index.html.
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Josh, Liz and Carrie respond to listener emails and a voicemail in one of the funniest episodes we've recorded in months!
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Steven Ertelt, Founder and Editor of LifeNews.com takes on the Life Report Questionnaire and comments on the growing "personhood movement." Highlight: Steven's careful responses to question #4 were excellent, and added some thoughts we haven't heard on this show yet.
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I've always loved the behind the scenes and bloopers specials on DVD's, so I figured, why not do the same thing for a podcast? If you enjoy the fact that we don't always sound intelligent in the making of our show, then you're going to love this. To listen and watch more bloopers, go to ProLifePodcast.net/bloopers/index.html.
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I'm working hard to keep our episodes down to 30 minutes, or slightly more if needed. Every once in a while I cut sections of episodes only for time purposes, and these are a few examples of that.
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1: A response to our continuing discussion around whether there are good non-religious arguments for grounding for pro-life point of view. 2: Voicemail on same topic. 3: An email to Carrie asking for her perspective on responding to those that say men shouldn’t talk about abortion. 4: "Isn’t pro-life a liberal view, since liberals stand up for the little guy?" 5: A thought about Planned Parenthood and the assault that took place there last Fall.
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Steve Wagner, Director of Training at Justice For All finishes the Life Report Questionnaire. This is part 2 of the interview, where Steve answered the last 4 questions.
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Steve Wagner, Director of Training at Justice For All takes on the Life Report Questionnaire. This is part 1 of the interview, where Steve answered the first 5 questions.
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Josh was in Trinidad this last weekend doing a speaking tour. We'll be posting audio from some of his speeches and interviews over the next month, to help make up for less podcasts until January. In this radio interview, Josh discusses common ground, good versus faulty pro-life arguments, comparing Trinidad's situation with the United States as regards to abortion, and responding to the main arguments International Planned Parenthood is making for legalizing abortion in Trinidad. After the show, the young radio engineer said he had never heard the pro-life view defended in the way I talked about it. He hadn't really cared about it before, but he did now. He said he just hadn't heard anyone take my approach of using common ground and stuff.
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Lila Rose and David Schmidt from Live Action join Josh and Jon to discuss the current state of the pro-life movement and how to activate your church. After the break Josh quotes Live Action's critics, giving Lila and David a chance to respond. It was a great interview.
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We finish our discussion of the often terrible ways that both sides of the abortion debate have responded to the YouTube video of the assault at 40 Days for Life. Josh has a new tactic he uses with pro-lifers acting like jerks on YouTube, and he tells all in this episode. We also cover some basic dialogue tools you can use when responding to moral relativism. We've never covered that on this podcast before, but this is something pro-lifers come across a lot when discussing abortion, and you need to be prepared!
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The Life Report team talks about the assault that happened at our Fresno 40 Days for Life campaign! We play audio from the assault, Carrie offers her perspective as a post-abortive counselor of the perpetrator's motives, and then we discuss the lack of media coverage before talking about the response from both sides of the debate on YouTube! Josh has a challenging question to ask pro-lifers, as well as pro-abortion-choice people at the end of the episode. Related links at http://blog.prolifepodcast.net. WARNING: The audio of the assault includes a pro-abortion-choice woman cursing at us. I've cut out the cuss words and replaced them with censorship bleeps, but if you have small kids, it still might be a little scary. Parental discretion advised.
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I'm working hard to keep our episodes down to 30 minutes, or slightly more if needed. Every once in a while I cut sections of episodes only for time purposes, and this is an example of that. This was the beginning of the 2nd break, that just went too long, so I cut it.
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It's part 9 of the continuing series responding to Kenna's pro-choice video: "Pro-Life Lies." The video lists 55 "pro-life lies" she's heard, and in this series, we're responding to them all! (And pro-lifers are often surprised by our stance on some of these...) In this episode, we respond to the statements: "Back alley abortions are a myth;" "Illegalizing abortion will prevent it;" "Women should have babies if the sex was consensual;" "Abortion means less gay people."
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Josh, Liz and Kyle respond to a listener mail question regarding appropriate and effective responses to the question, "what if she was raped." We tackled this question in Episode 43, but we add some new thoughts that we didn't cover before, which took a surprise turn at the end that may have you in tears...Relevant links at the website.
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Lila Rose, President of Live Action takes on the Life Report Questionnaire. Highlight: Lila's reaction when she hears me use the term "pro-abortion-choice." Hilarious.
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Listener Mail: #1: Response to our discussion on grounding pro-life beliefs through Judeo-Christian worldview. #2: Talking points to use when someone calls pro-lifers "anti-women."
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It's time for another Life Report debate! Josh brings an inflammatory pro-life article to the table for discussion, not realizing that Carrie actually likes this article! A discussion of the merits and possible hazards of an article like this are considered and debated in this episode.
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Kristan Hawkins, Executive Director of Students for Life of America takes on the Life Report Questionnaire.
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Josh, Liz, Carrie and Jon address the issue of aborting special-needs babies in today's show. The discussion stems from a blog entry Josh found by a mother who's doctor assumed she'd abort her baby girl when several markers for Down Syndrome were found in her prenatal tests. Josh closes the episode by asking a challenging question to pro-lifers, AND a challenging question to pro-abortion-choicers.
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Josh, Liz, Carrie & Kyle respond to listener emails that have been piling up lately. You may be surprised by our response to question #3, but please listen to our arguments before making up your mind. Listener Mail: - Comment on "pro-life lies" series. - Listener found an ethics book that comments on sex-selection for IVF embryos. - "What should pro-lifers do politically if Rudy Giuliani is nominated in the 2012 election to run against Obama?"
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Listen to Jason Tatham recording the new "british" voice-over for the Pro-Life Celebrity Interview shows. After doing a few takes, Jason goes on to say the line with the following accents: Irish, Cockney, French, Scottish, Texan, Virginian AND Russian!
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Jay Watts, Vice-President of Development and Communications of Life Training Institute takes on the Life Report Questionnaire. Highlight: In response to question #9, Jay talks about the need for pro-lifers to be culturally relevant. Right before we recorded this interview, I had been debating my wife Hannah about whether we should include "silly" questions like #1 and #2, and Jay says Hannah's right because people need to know that pro-lifers are like them. We watch movies. We're not weirdos. We just found out about something so horrible that some of us spend our lives talking about it in an effort to stop the injustice.
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LINKS AT BLOG.PROLIFEPODCAST.NET Josh and Jon sat down yesterday to address the abortion/health care debate, using, get ready for this, facts and sound reason only. Would abortion be covered in the public option health insurance even if the word "abortion" is not included? (Yes.) Has Planned Parenthood been disingenuous in their talking points on the issue? (Yes.) Have any pro-lifers (hint: Sarah Palin) exaggerated any of their claims on this issue? (Yes.) What about the Capps Amendment compromise? Is the White House now backing off on the public option? These questions and more are answered in today's show. It's longer than usual, but we wanted to be sure to be as factual and unbiased as possible, and as always, we're exposing the fibs on both sides of this debate! (Oh, and don't miss Josh's head exploding near the end of the episode over the guy who brought a gun to an Obama event.)
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Jeff Zimmerman, Junior High Youth Pastor at The Bridge Church brings one of his students to join Josh and Kyle in today's podcast. They're discussing a new presentation "experiment" Josh has been doing around Fresno called "The Devil's Advocate," where the youth pastor introduces Josh to the student group as a pro-choice person, and Josh debates the youth for 10-20 minutes. It is only then that the youth pastor stands up, and informs the students that Josh is actually a full-time pro-life advocate, and this has been a mock debate. Josh then comments on what the students did well at as well as the areas that could use some improvement, and helps fill in the gaps. The purpose is to prepare the students for discussions they will have on college campuses and elsewhere, and to have these discussions in a gracious manner, learning to both stand for truth AND respect the other person.
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The iPod winner is announced; we were included in OnlineBibleColleges list of "100 Incredibly Inspiring Christian Blogs;" Josh may have been wrong for nitpicking about the term "moment or fertilization" AND we discuss the use of the terms "pro-abortion," "pro-choice" and "pro-life." Relevant links at blog.prolifepodcast.net.
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The Life Report team responds to listener emails that have been piling up lately. Listener Mail: 1. Responses to CatholicVote.org debate (from episode 58) 2. Responses to article condemning women for regretting their abortions (from episode 59) 3. "I think I have an alternative illustration to Francis Beckwith's on the question of when life begins." 4. "I think the issue of capital punishment will be very divisive in the pro-life community if Roe vs. Wade is overturned." (includes discussion of how pro-lifers should respond when asked how women should be punished if abortion became illegal!)
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It's part 8 of the continuing series responding to Kenna's pro-choice video: "Pro-Life Lies." The video lists 55 "pro-life lies" she's heard, and in this series, we're responding to them all! (And pro-lifers are often surprised by our stance on some of these...) In this episode, we respond to the statements: "Women are meant to have babies." "An aborted child could have cured cancer." "Abortion promotes promiscuity." "Abortion promotes eugenics."
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Rich Poupard, apologist and master blogger of Life Training Institute takes on the Life Report Questionnaire. Highlight: In response to question #5, Rich gives a thoughtful case for the use of graphic pictures, which leads into a discussion on the pros and cons of driving trucks down the highway with large graphic pictures posted on them.
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What?! Josh screwed something up? Yup. He tells all. Includes a discussion on the most effective ways to make a difference when someone accidentally promotes a company that donates to Planned Parenthood. Josh also shares some experiences from debating pro-choice college students at UCSD last month, participating in an exhibit with Justice For All. Includes an example from pop culture you can use when discussing back-alley "coat hanger" abortions. Find out what popular pro-choice celebrity just doesn't buy into this argument.
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Listener Mail Questions: 1: "Is Randy Alcorn out of line when he implies in his book that it's surprising when some atheists become pro-life?" 2: "Can you audit my internet debating skills on abortion?"
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Josh recounts commenting on RHRealityCheck's blog after a recent bit of abortion-related violence, and why you should do that too! Than Carrie reacts to an article written by a pro-choicer condemning women who say publicly that they regret their personal abortion! SLIGHT DISCLAIMER: The first 5 minutes of this show are probably about the funniest 5 minutes we've ever recorded, but they have little if anything to do with pro-life issues. If you just want to hear the intellectual side of our podcast, start the show at about 6 minutes in.
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Surprise, the Howard Stern show, (or at least one of their members,) is not a big fan of our show. Shocking. Josh explains. After telling that story, Josh and Jon get into a spirited debate about the popular second CatholicVote.org commercial. (The ad that was not allowed to air during the last Superbowl.) Josh's position is that while the commercial makes an effective emotional appeal, it sends the wrong message. Jon argues that most people won't think about it in the way Josh is and that the commercial should be supported in absence of better alternatives. Listen to the debate and then tell us what you think!
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Johnny Gerardi, President-Elect of Notre Dame Right to Life stays for one more show on Obama at Notre Dame. This time, Josh, Johnny and Liz respond to 5 audio clips from Obama's speech at Notre Dame.
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What really went on behind the scenes at Notre Dame before Obama's speech? What did the media NOT tell you? How effective were the more "fringe" pro-lifers at reaching the other Notre Dame students and faculty? Johnny Gerardi, President-Elect of Notre Dame Right to Life comes on the show to tell all. One of the best interviews we've ever had on the show. Don't miss this!
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Bryan Kemper of Stand True Ministries takes on the Life Report Questionnaire. Highlight: In response to question #8, Bryan gives a passionate appeal for pro-lifers to treat abortion advocates the same way we would treat anybody else, based on his personal testimony.
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