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Steve Wagner, Director of Training at Justice For All finishes the Life Report Questionnaire. This is part 2 of the interview, where Steve answered the last 4 questions.
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Steve Wagner, Director of Training at Justice For All takes on the Life Report Questionnaire. This is part 1 of the interview, where Steve answered the first 5 questions.
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Josh was in Trinidad this last weekend doing a speaking tour. We'll be posting audio from some of his speeches and interviews over the next month, to help make up for less podcasts until January. In this radio interview, Josh discusses common ground, good versus faulty pro-life arguments, comparing Trinidad's situation with the United States as regards to abortion, and responding to the main arguments International Planned Parenthood is making for legalizing abortion in Trinidad. After the show, the young radio engineer said he had never heard the pro-life view defended in the way I talked about it. He hadn't really cared about it before, but he did now. He said he just hadn't heard anyone take my approach of using common ground and stuff.
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Lila Rose and David Schmidt from Live Action join Josh and Jon to discuss the current state of the pro-life movement and how to activate your church. After the break Josh quotes Live Action's critics, giving Lila and David a chance to respond. It was a great interview.
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We finish our discussion of the often terrible ways that both sides of the abortion debate have responded to the YouTube video of the assault at 40 Days for Life. Josh has a new tactic he uses with pro-lifers acting like jerks on YouTube, and he tells all in this episode. We also cover some basic dialogue tools you can use when responding to moral relativism. We've never covered that on this podcast before, but this is something pro-lifers come across a lot when discussing abortion, and you need to be prepared!
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The Life Report team talks about the assault that happened at our Fresno 40 Days for Life campaign! We play audio from the assault, Carrie offers her perspective as a post-abortive counselor of the perpetrator's motives, and then we discuss the lack of media coverage before talking about the response from both sides of the debate on YouTube! Josh has a challenging question to ask pro-lifers, as well as pro-abortion-choice people at the end of the episode. Related links at http://blog.prolifepodcast.net. WARNING: The audio of the assault includes a pro-abortion-choice woman cursing at us. I've cut out the cuss words and replaced them with censorship bleeps, but if you have small kids, it still might be a little scary. Parental discretion advised.
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I'm working hard to keep our episodes down to 30 minutes, or slightly more if needed. Every once in a while I cut sections of episodes only for time purposes, and this is an example of that. This was the beginning of the 2nd break, that just went too long, so I cut it.
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It's part 9 of the continuing series responding to Kenna's pro-choice video: "Pro-Life Lies." The video lists 55 "pro-life lies" she's heard, and in this series, we're responding to them all! (And pro-lifers are often surprised by our stance on some of these...) In this episode, we respond to the statements: "Back alley abortions are a myth;" "Illegalizing abortion will prevent it;" "Women should have babies if the sex was consensual;" "Abortion means less gay people."
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Josh, Liz and Kyle respond to a listener mail question regarding appropriate and effective responses to the question, "what if she was raped." We tackled this question in Episode 43, but we add some new thoughts that we didn't cover before, which took a surprise turn at the end that may have you in tears...Relevant links at the website.
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Lila Rose, President of Live Action takes on the Life Report Questionnaire. Highlight: Lila's reaction when she hears me use the term "pro-abortion-choice." Hilarious.
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