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On today’s show, John gives in and finally talks about Brian Sims. He also discusses a new strategy of moving abortion into the offices of primary care physicians. Tune in!

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On today’s show, John talks about everything except that Pennsylvania legislator. In vitro fertilization, the Bachelorette—how DOES he do it?! Tune in!

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John talks about pro-choice attempts to preserve Title X funding for Planned Parenthood, and the need for perinatal hospice care. Tune in!

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On today’s episode, John and Jonathan talk even more SB 24 and John goes on a rant on why California is too big. Tune in!

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John and Jonathan discuss Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All proposal and take on the topic of in vitro fertilization. Tune in!

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On today’s show, John talks about SB 24 passing through the Senate Health Committee, and some stupid abortion views from certain presidential candidates. Tune in!

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On today’s show John Gerardi talks about Unplanned, the pro-life movie telling the story of Abby Johnson an ex-Planned Parenthood employee.  John also discusses California Senate bill SB 24 that requires all UCs and CSUs to provide chemical abortion on campus. Tune in!

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On today’s show, John talks with the founder of 40 Days for Life Shawn Carney about chemical abortion and the Unplanned movie. He also discusses SB 24, and its first hearing on April 3. Tune in!

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On today’s show, John and Jonathan talk about presidential candidates trying to pack the Supreme Court. Tune in!

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On today’s show, John and Jonathan discuss a great decision from the 6th Circuit, an interesting lawsuit out of Alabama, and the history of why Medi-Cal covers abortion. Tune in!

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On today’s show, John and Jonathan talk about the pro-abortion aspects of sex ed curricula in California public schools. Tune in!

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On today’s show, John and Jonathan discuss the US Senate’s failure to pass legislation to protect children who survive abortion. Tune in!

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On Today’s episode John Gerardi answers questions, he often gets asked about abortion.  What rights do men have when it comes to abortion?  Why are our laws inconsistent when it comes to the murder of unborn babies?  Get the answers to these questions and more. Tune in!

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On today’s show, John and Jonathan discuss the various pieces of legislation being considered to counteract late-term abortion. Tune in!

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A community forum discussing late-term abortion and what can be done to combat this issue. Speaking is our Right to Life Director, John Gerardi & CEO of California Family Council, Jonathan Keller.

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John and Jonathan break down President Trump’s comments on abortion and more. Tune in!

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On today’s show, John and Jonathan talk about how overturning Roe might work, and the horrible proposals out of New York and Virginia. Tune in!

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On today’s show, John and Jonathan try their best not to talk about children from Kentucky, and instead talk about actual pro life news surrounding the March for life in Washington DC. Tune in!

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On today’s show, John analyzes new polling data on Americans’ viewpoints on abortion. Hint: America is more pro-life than we realize! Tune in!

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On today’s show, John digs into recent comments by Planned Parenthood’s new president, and talks about some abortion basics. Tune in!

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On today’s show John Gerardi and Jonathan Keller discuss what we should expect this new year out of California.  Will there be more pro-choice and assisted suicide legislation passed?

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