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David Schmidt, Media Director for Live Action joins Josh, Carrie and Liz to discuss "The Mona Lisa Project," a series of undercover "sting" videos exposing Planned Parenthood's willingness to disobey statutory rape reporting laws. While a few similar stings have been done before, this is by far the most comprehensive and effective undercover project ever done by a pro-life group. You don't want to miss hearing about this! Weekly Segments: Pro-Life 101: "A Double Standard" Link of the Week: www.jfaweb.org (Justice For All)
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The Life Report team discuss Planned Parenthood's infamous gift certificates that can be used for abortions. You would think this would be a real heavy show, but I don't think Carrie has ever laughed so hard on the podcast at the ridiculousness of this story.

Weekly Segments: Pro-Life 101: A Lesson from Louise Brown Link of the Week: Heritage House (HH76.com)
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In this episode, the Life Report team give their reactions to the presidential election and discuss a recent story about a John Hopkins researcher claiming that abortion does NOT have a negative impact on women! (Carrie had some strong opinions about this one...)

Weekly Segments: Pro-Life 101: Inconsistencies Everywhere Link of the Week: HDRC.org (Human Development Resource Council)
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In this episode, Josh, Liz, Jon and Walter Hoye discuss a fascinating news story that seems to debunk a common pro-choice argument... Weekly Segments: Pro-Life 101: What Does Fetus Mean? Link of the Week: www.OMSoul.com
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In this episode, Josh, Liz, Jon and Walter Hoye respond to an audio clip from Fox's "Moment of Truth" show. After the break they discuss some positive AND negative comments from their YouTube video about George Carlin.
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Walter Hoye from the Issues4Life Foundation stopped by our studio to record a few shows with us. This first show is more of an interview with him, regarding the amazing work he does to reach the African-American community with the pro-life message.
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We're back! Thanks again for your patience, as I took a break from editing podcasts while taking care of my brand new baby boy. But we're back in the saddle again, with regular podcasts going up every Tuesday! This is a listener mail show, covering several topics, with a few funny videos to check out as well!
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It's time for another listener mail show! Josh, Carrie and Jon respond to emails about whether a vasectomy is an abortion, how framing the abortion issue as a civil rights issue is a good strategy with pro-choice people, and commenting on the "Abortion Changes You" campaign.
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The YouTube preview video has been up for weeks, and it's finally time to hear the Nancy Pelosi show! The Life Report team destroys the bizarre arguments Nancy Pelosi used on Meet the Press, and Josh's head just about explodes in the process!
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Josh, Liz, Jon and Carrie conclude a 3-part series responding to the statements made by Obama and McCain at the recent Saddleback Forum. In this episode the Life Report team respond to Obama's and McCain's statements on stem cell research.
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