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Josh, Carrie and Michael begin a discussion that most pro-lifers are not having, which is responding to George Carlin's famous rant against pro-lifers in a stand-up routine. While the clips that are aired are tasteful, this should still be considered a "PG-13" episode. In this episode, the discussion revolves around the first 4 out of 10 clips we're going to address in this series.
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It's finally time for another listener mail show! We've received a huge amount of listener mail in the last month, that we'll be responding to in Listener Mail shows in the near future.

- Listener Mail #1: Abortion/Breast Cancer Link - Listener Mail #2: End of Life Issues

Access the show notes with hyperlinks to related material at http://blog.prolifepodcast.net

Weekly Segments: - Pro-Life 101: "Pro-Lifers Are Intolerant" - Link of the Week: GodTube.com - What's Abortion?
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WARNING: Between 7:30 and 9:36 of this program there are disturbing and violent descriptions read (non-sexual, just violent) that we would not recommend for pre-teens. If you are a parent and unsure whether your kids are ready for this, we encourage you to screen it first and decide for yourself. Show Notes: It's the last in our 3-part series on refining pro-life argumentation: "5 Lousy Philosophic Arguments AGAINST Abortion." Basically, don't use any of the arguments listed in this episode. And once again, Carrie doesn't agree with all the arguments on Josh's list, so debate ensues! You don't want to miss this! Weekly Segments: Pro-Life 101: "Right to Choose" Link of the Week: StandUpGirl.com
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Continuing our 3-part series on refining pro-life argumentation, Josh offers his list of the "4 weakest pro-life bumper stickers ever." An engaging debate continues as Liz and Carrie don't necessarily agree with all of Josh's picks!
Next week Josh, Carrie and Liz finish the 3-part series with "5 lousy philosophic arguments AGAINST abortion." Stay tuned!
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Josh attempts to refine pro-life argumentation in the next 3 shows. In this show, Josh encourages pro-lifers to understand the facts, and not use phrases based on old science that make us sound dumb to pro-choicers that know better. Next week Josh, Carrie and Liz discuss what Josh calls "the 4 weakest pro-life bumper stickers ever," and finish with "5 lousy philosophic arguments AGAINST abortion." Stay tuned!
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