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John talks about our educational brunch on Saturday, where we'll be discussing First Amendment attacks on the pro-life movement.  We also discuss some crazy comments from Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards.  Tune in!

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On today's show, John Gerardi discusses the trend in the Democratic party away from pro-life candidates, a bill to extend the child tax credit to pregnant women, and some constitutional law regarding the rights of men in the abortion decision.  Tune in!

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On today's show, John and Jonathan talk about developments with SB 320 and the upcoming Supreme Court arguments to challenge California's Reproductive FACT Act, which mandates pro-life pregnancy resource clinics to refer patients to abortion providers.  Tune in!

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On today's episode of Right to Life Radio John Gerardi and Jonathan Keller discuss the latest in pro-life news, from SB-320 to assisted suicide. Hear more about SB-320, what this will mean for all state colleges and possibly even private colleges. For more news and updates visit www.RightToLifeCA.org

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