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Listener Mail: #1: Response to our discussion on grounding pro-life beliefs through Judeo-Christian worldview. #2: Talking points to use when someone calls pro-lifers "anti-women."
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It's time for another Life Report debate! Josh brings an inflammatory pro-life article to the table for discussion, not realizing that Carrie actually likes this article! A discussion of the merits and possible hazards of an article like this are considered and debated in this episode.
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Kristan Hawkins, Executive Director of Students for Life of America takes on the Life Report Questionnaire.
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Josh, Liz, Carrie and Jon address the issue of aborting special-needs babies in today's show. The discussion stems from a blog entry Josh found by a mother who's doctor assumed she'd abort her baby girl when several markers for Down Syndrome were found in her prenatal tests. Josh closes the episode by asking a challenging question to pro-lifers, AND a challenging question to pro-abortion-choicers.
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Josh, Liz, Carrie & Kyle respond to listener emails that have been piling up lately. You may be surprised by our response to question #3, but please listen to our arguments before making up your mind. Listener Mail: - Comment on "pro-life lies" series. - Listener found an ethics book that comments on sex-selection for IVF embryos. - "What should pro-lifers do politically if Rudy Giuliani is nominated in the 2012 election to run against Obama?"
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