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You can probably tell that we have a lot of fun with each other while recording these shows. Often times, the most fun we have is while we're NOT recording. More BTS moments at http://prolifepodcast.net/bts/index.html
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After an exciting announcement about a few of our co-hosts, we get into a discussion about the health care bill. A lot of wonderful pro-lifer advocates have already been talking about what's in the bill, and how pro-lifers should respond to it, and we link to some of the best below. So instead of doing the same thing, I decided to have a side discussion I haven't heard other people talking about: how can we effectively talk about this bill without coming across to some as jerks who don't care about uninsured people?
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Josh Brahm was recently interviewed by Immaculate Heart Radio's "Gift of Life" program. The show has an estimated audience of one million listeners, and the topics included, "why did you start a podcast in the first place;" "what topics do you often speak on;" "what do you think about Planned Parenthood;" and "why are churches not more involved in ending abortion?"
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Before answering the Life Report Questionnaire, David Bereit of 40 Days for Life offers his thoughts on the most effective ways to do sidewalk counseling. Highlight: David provides a very thoughtful response to Josh's question about the pros and cons of using graphic visuals outside of abortion facilities.
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Walter Hoye joins Josh in the studio to discuss his story from last year, when he was arrested for sidewalk counseling in front of an Oakland abortion facility. After the break, Walter responds to questions sent in from Life Report fans!
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Topics: - Steve's book, "Common Ground Without Compromise;" - The difficulties of dialoguing with people online; - Why we shouldn't use the terms "biogenesis" and "brainwaves" anymore; - Why it takes so much time and effort to communicate well with those that are different from us; - Steve's thoughts on the personhood versus incrementalism debate, how BOTH sides have sophisticated arguments, and how they should treat each other.
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