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Listen to Jason Tatham recording the new "british" voice-over for the Pro-Life Celebrity Interview shows. After doing a few takes, Jason goes on to say the line with the following accents: Irish, Cockney, French, Scottish, Texan, Virginian AND Russian!
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Jay Watts, Vice-President of Development and Communications of Life Training Institute takes on the Life Report Questionnaire. Highlight: In response to question #9, Jay talks about the need for pro-lifers to be culturally relevant. Right before we recorded this interview, I had been debating my wife Hannah about whether we should include "silly" questions like #1 and #2, and Jay says Hannah's right because people need to know that pro-lifers are like them. We watch movies. We're not weirdos. We just found out about something so horrible that some of us spend our lives talking about it in an effort to stop the injustice.
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LINKS AT BLOG.PROLIFEPODCAST.NET Josh and Jon sat down yesterday to address the abortion/health care debate, using, get ready for this, facts and sound reason only. Would abortion be covered in the public option health insurance even if the word "abortion" is not included? (Yes.) Has Planned Parenthood been disingenuous in their talking points on the issue? (Yes.) Have any pro-lifers (hint: Sarah Palin) exaggerated any of their claims on this issue? (Yes.) What about the Capps Amendment compromise? Is the White House now backing off on the public option? These questions and more are answered in today's show. It's longer than usual, but we wanted to be sure to be as factual and unbiased as possible, and as always, we're exposing the fibs on both sides of this debate! (Oh, and don't miss Josh's head exploding near the end of the episode over the guy who brought a gun to an Obama event.)
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Jeff Zimmerman, Junior High Youth Pastor at The Bridge Church brings one of his students to join Josh and Kyle in today's podcast. They're discussing a new presentation "experiment" Josh has been doing around Fresno called "The Devil's Advocate," where the youth pastor introduces Josh to the student group as a pro-choice person, and Josh debates the youth for 10-20 minutes. It is only then that the youth pastor stands up, and informs the students that Josh is actually a full-time pro-life advocate, and this has been a mock debate. Josh then comments on what the students did well at as well as the areas that could use some improvement, and helps fill in the gaps. The purpose is to prepare the students for discussions they will have on college campuses and elsewhere, and to have these discussions in a gracious manner, learning to both stand for truth AND respect the other person.
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The iPod winner is announced; we were included in OnlineBibleColleges list of "100 Incredibly Inspiring Christian Blogs;" Josh may have been wrong for nitpicking about the term "moment or fertilization" AND we discuss the use of the terms "pro-abortion," "pro-choice" and "pro-life." Relevant links at blog.prolifepodcast.net.
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