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I've always loved the behind the scenes and bloopers specials on DVD's, so I figured, why not do the same thing for a radio show? If you enjoy the fact that we don't always sound intelligent in the making of our show, then you're going to love this. I present the best of the bloopers from the last 12 episodes. To listen to more bloopers, go to ProLifePodcast.net/bloopers/index.html.
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It's time for Listener Mail! Topics include listeners berating Josh for not having heard of Tupac, the story of Janet Rivera, how to handle coerced abortions and the story of a baby that survived an abortion!
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Josh, Carrie, Michael and Jon finish responding to George Carlin's famous rant against pro-lifers in a stand-up routine. While the clips that are aired are tasteful, this should still be considered a "PG-13" episode. This is also the first episode that we brought cameras into the studio! Watch the first 8 minutes of the episode at http://blog.prolifepodcast.net!
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