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Listener Mail Questions: 1: "Is Randy Alcorn out of line when he implies in his book that it's surprising when some atheists become pro-life?" 2: "Can you audit my internet debating skills on abortion?"
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Josh recounts commenting on RHRealityCheck's blog after a recent bit of abortion-related violence, and why you should do that too! Than Carrie reacts to an article written by a pro-choicer condemning women who say publicly that they regret their personal abortion! SLIGHT DISCLAIMER: The first 5 minutes of this show are probably about the funniest 5 minutes we've ever recorded, but they have little if anything to do with pro-life issues. If you just want to hear the intellectual side of our podcast, start the show at about 6 minutes in.
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Surprise, the Howard Stern show, (or at least one of their members,) is not a big fan of our show. Shocking. Josh explains. After telling that story, Josh and Jon get into a spirited debate about the popular second CatholicVote.org commercial. (The ad that was not allowed to air during the last Superbowl.) Josh's position is that while the commercial makes an effective emotional appeal, it sends the wrong message. Jon argues that most people won't think about it in the way Josh is and that the commercial should be supported in absence of better alternatives. Listen to the debate and then tell us what you think!
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Johnny Gerardi, President-Elect of Notre Dame Right to Life stays for one more show on Obama at Notre Dame. This time, Josh, Johnny and Liz respond to 5 audio clips from Obama's speech at Notre Dame.
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