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The Life Report team discuss Planned Parenthood's infamous gift certificates that can be used for abortions. You would think this would be a real heavy show, but I don't think Carrie has ever laughed so hard on the podcast at the ridiculousness of this story.

Weekly Segments: Pro-Life 101: A Lesson from Louise Brown Link of the Week: Heritage House (HH76.com)
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In this episode, the Life Report team give their reactions to the presidential election and discuss a recent story about a John Hopkins researcher claiming that abortion does NOT have a negative impact on women! (Carrie had some strong opinions about this one...)

Weekly Segments: Pro-Life 101: Inconsistencies Everywhere Link of the Week: HDRC.org (Human Development Resource Council)
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In this episode, Josh, Liz, Jon and Walter Hoye discuss a fascinating news story that seems to debunk a common pro-choice argument... Weekly Segments: Pro-Life 101: What Does Fetus Mean? Link of the Week: www.OMSoul.com
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