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The Life Report team responds to listener emails that have been piling up lately. Listener Mail: 1. Responses to CatholicVote.org debate (from episode 58) 2. Responses to article condemning women for regretting their abortions (from episode 59) 3. "I think I have an alternative illustration to Francis Beckwith's on the question of when life begins." 4. "I think the issue of capital punishment will be very divisive in the pro-life community if Roe vs. Wade is overturned." (includes discussion of how pro-lifers should respond when asked how women should be punished if abortion became illegal!)
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It's part 8 of the continuing series responding to Kenna's pro-choice video: "Pro-Life Lies." The video lists 55 "pro-life lies" she's heard, and in this series, we're responding to them all! (And pro-lifers are often surprised by our stance on some of these...) In this episode, we respond to the statements: "Women are meant to have babies." "An aborted child could have cured cancer." "Abortion promotes promiscuity." "Abortion promotes eugenics."
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Rich Poupard, apologist and master blogger of Life Training Institute takes on the Life Report Questionnaire. Highlight: In response to question #5, Rich gives a thoughtful case for the use of graphic pictures, which leads into a discussion on the pros and cons of driving trucks down the highway with large graphic pictures posted on them.
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What?! Josh screwed something up? Yup. He tells all. Includes a discussion on the most effective ways to make a difference when someone accidentally promotes a company that donates to Planned Parenthood. Josh also shares some experiences from debating pro-choice college students at UCSD last month, participating in an exhibit with Justice For All. Includes an example from pop culture you can use when discussing back-alley "coat hanger" abortions. Find out what popular pro-choice celebrity just doesn't buy into this argument.
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