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Gianna Jessen joins John for the first half of the podcast to discuss her experience and give an idea of what she will be talking about at our Educational Dessert on March 30th, 6:30 PM. Sign up at righttolifeca.org/educationaldessert

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This week John and Jonathan discuss the fallout resulting from the supplier of the abortion pill stating that they will not be distributing the drug in 31 states. A possibly moot point at a federal judge may ban the drug altogether in an ongoing lawsuit.

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This week Autumn Lindsey Higashi makes a guest appearance. John and Jonathan get into why Newsom is pushing abortion so hard and his future prospects.

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This week Linda is on to talk about her interactions on the sidewalk. One interaction happened to include kids going to visit Planned Parenthood during the school day, with permission from the school.

Then Jonathan joins to talk about a Texas lawsuit that may take the abortion pill off the Market.

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