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John and Jonathan discuss a terrible op-ed in the Fresno Bee about the Texas abortion law, discuss the great Supreme Court case on assisted suicide Washington v Glucksberg, and discuss SB 742.

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John and Jonathan talk about the California recall results and what that means for the pro-life movement in the state moving forward.  They also discuss SB 742, a bill that would put a buffer zone between "protester" and all vaccination sites. This would prohibit pro-life advocates from offering resources to women and couples entering abortion facilities like Planned Parenthood. 

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Today John and Jonathan discuss more details of the Texas abortion bill, and they also discuss the egregious attack on CA pro-lifers’ free speech rights, SB 742, which will effectively ban sidewalk counseling if signed by the Governor.

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Today, John talks with Linda Teliha for more Stories from the Sidewalk, and reacts to the Supreme Court’s refusal to block Texas’ Heartbeat Bill banning abortion after six weeks.

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