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Today, Linda is on with Stories from the Sidewalk. John discusses some of the bad arguments coming from the pro-abortion side.

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Today, John and Jonathan discuss the recent decision from the Supreme Court that now overturns Roe v. Wade and allows states to limit abortion.

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Today, John and Jonathan discuss the upcoming and long-awaited SCOTUS decision.

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Today, John and Jonathan discuss the insane pro-choice propaganda from the New England Journal of Medicine, along with a beautiful piece on the value of life written by Matthew Walther.

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Today, John is joined by Bishop Joseph Brennan of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fresno to discuss Archbishop Cordileone’s actions denying Communion to Nancy Pelosi for her abortion stance.

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John discusses the passage of California Assembly bill AB2223, and Linda Teliha is on to share her experiences outside Planned Parenthood. 

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John and Jonathan discuss Planned Parenthood’s stop in Fresno to support their abortion business, and comments by Fresno City Council members Esmerelda Soria and Nelson Esparza.

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John and Jonathan discuss more of the national reaction to Justice Alito’s leaked draft opinion to overrule Roe v. Wade, including polling showing that there is almost no difference between men’s and women’s support of abortion.
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John and Jonathan walk through the leaked draft of Justice Alito’s majority decision overturning Roe v. Wade. He also interviews Linda Teliha for stories from the sidewalk.

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On today’s show, John talks with Mary Grace Schurter and Kori Thacket from Safe Families for Children, and discusses whether men can have legitimate opinions on abortion.

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John and Jonathan talk with Mary Margaret Olohan, reporter for The Daily Wire, about how a pro-life activist who tried to expose possible illegal abortions/newborn killings was herself arrested. They also discuss California bill AB 2223, and Tuesday’s rally in opposition at the state Capitol.

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John and Jonathan dig deeper into AB 2223 in preparation for the Assembly Health Committee hearing on Tuesday.
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John and Jonathan discuss the idiocy and lunacy at the CA Legislature with the passage of extreme abortion laws.
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John and Jonathan discuss AB 2223, the bill to eliminate criminal and civil liability for at-home, late-term abortions, as well as for letting unwanted newborns die of neglect.

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John and Jonathan discuss AB 2223, the bill to eliminate criminal and civil liability for at-home, late-term abortions, as well as for letting unwanted newborns die of neglect.

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John and Jonathan discuss how pro-life activists were able to stop Planned Parenthood from opening up in Visalia.

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John and Jonathan discuss where the pro-life movement sits within the conservative movement. 

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John opens by sharing some Stories from the Sidewalk with Linda Teliha. Jonathan Keller then joins to talk about the Senate voting down the so-called Women’s Health Protection Act, which would codify Roe v. Wade’s provisions as a federal law.

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John and Jonathan discuss Bill Kristol’s perplexity that (gasp) conservatives want to outlaw abortion, and the looming passage of SB 245 to pay for out-of-pocket abortion costs.

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John and Jonathan discuss SB 1142, the new bill to force taxpayers to pay for out-of-state persons to travel to CA for abortions.

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John and Jonathan discuss the impact of laws on changing abortion attitudes, and the defeat of the Fresno City Council resolution honoring abortion rights.

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Today, John talks with Linda about the large numbers of people choosing abortion in Fresno. He also discusses President Biden’s recent appointee as FDA Commissioner and his attempts to cover up chemical abortion statistics.

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John and Jonathan discuss SB 245, a bill to eliminate all copays and deductibles for California abortions. They also address an article from the UK Guardian accusing pro-lifers of being white supremacists.

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On the 49th anniversary of Roe, John describes what this decision actually did, and then discusses the Fresno City Council’s attempt to honor Roe v. Wade.

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Today, John and Jonathan discuss Gov. Newsom’s budget proposal to pay off student loan debt for doctors who perform abortions.
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The California Assembly is looking to pass a universal government-paid healthcare system. John and Jonathan discuss the impact AB 1400 could have on abortions and assisted suicide in the state.

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