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On today’s show, John talks with Mary Grace Schurter and Kori Thacket from Safe Families for Children, and discusses whether men can have legitimate opinions on abortion.

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John and Jonathan talk with Mary Margaret Olohan, reporter for The Daily Wire, about how a pro-life activist who tried to expose possible illegal abortions/newborn killings was herself arrested. They also discuss California bill AB 2223, and Tuesday’s rally in opposition at the state Capitol.

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John and Jonathan dig deeper into AB 2223 in preparation for the Assembly Health Committee hearing on Tuesday.
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John and Jonathan discuss the idiocy and lunacy at the CA Legislature with the passage of extreme abortion laws.
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John and Jonathan discuss AB 2223, the bill to eliminate criminal and civil liability for at-home, late-term abortions, as well as for letting unwanted newborns die of neglect.

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