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It's our first in a series of "pro-life celebrity interviews!" Scott Klusendorf was kind enough to come on the show for 2 episodes. In part 1, he talks about his book, what it takes to be a pro-life pastor and which pro-life strategy is better: incrementalism, or absolutism?
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The Life Report team responds to the following questions: 1. "Can you talk about overpopulation and how it related to life issues?" 2. "Can you help me prepare for a pro-life speech contest?" 3."Could you talk about organizations that support Planned Parenthood?"
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It's part 6 of the continuing series responding to Kenna's pro-choice video: "Pro-Life Lies." The video lists 55 "pro-life lies" she's heard, and in this series, we're responding to them all! (And pro-lifers are often surprised by our stance on some of these...) In this episode, we respond to the statements: "Every child put up for adoption is adopted." "Fetuses can breathe." "If people don't want babies, they shouldn't have sex." "Abortion is unnatural."
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