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On today’s show, John Gerardi interviews RLCC employee Linda Teliha about our new building next to Planned Parenthood and the impact we are making. John also talks about Joe Biden and the relationship between faith and politics.

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On today’s show, John and Jonathan talk about the 9th Circuit Court of appeals and their horrible anti-choice decision against the Little Sisters of the Poor. Tune in!

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On today’s show, Johnny and Jonathan break down SB 24’s passage and what it means for the future of abortion in California and the nation. Tune in!

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On today’s show, John Gerardi talks about all the money Planned Parenthood is spending on political elections, how they are able to raise money for their super PAC, and what their political interests are.

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On today’s show, John talks more about the program at Fresno Unified School District to bring girls as young as 12 off-campus to get abortions without notifying the parents. Tune in!

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On today’s show, John and Jonathan don’t talk about Ukraine, but instead focus on President Trump’s excellent speech at the United Nations discussing abortion. Tune in!

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