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Steven Ertelt, Founder and Editor of LifeNews.com takes on the Life Report Questionnaire and comments on the growing "personhood movement." Highlight: Steven's careful responses to question #4 were excellent, and added some thoughts we haven't heard on this show yet.
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I've always loved the behind the scenes and bloopers specials on DVD's, so I figured, why not do the same thing for a podcast? If you enjoy the fact that we don't always sound intelligent in the making of our show, then you're going to love this. To listen and watch more bloopers, go to ProLifePodcast.net/bloopers/index.html.
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I'm working hard to keep our episodes down to 30 minutes, or slightly more if needed. Every once in a while I cut sections of episodes only for time purposes, and these are a few examples of that.
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1: A response to our continuing discussion around whether there are good non-religious arguments for grounding for pro-life point of view. 2: Voicemail on same topic. 3: An email to Carrie asking for her perspective on responding to those that say men shouldn’t talk about abortion. 4: "Isn’t pro-life a liberal view, since liberals stand up for the little guy?" 5: A thought about Planned Parenthood and the assault that took place there last Fall.
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