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Today, John goes over some of the bad pro-choice bills in the 2021 California legislature.

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John and Jonathan discuss the horrific experimentation and late abortion procedures occurring at UCSF, and ways in which Democrats in Congress are pumping the upcoming appropriations bill full of abortion funding.

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Today, John and Jonathan share their fear of Mississippi's attorney general missing on the chance to overturn Roe and Casey. They also talk about bad pro-choice legislation in California and a thank you to Meghan McCain

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Today, John talks with Linda Teliha with more stories from outside of Planned Parenthood, and Jonathan Keller comes on to discuss a California bill to outlaw pro-life sidewalk advocacy.

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Today, John discusses Richard Hutchinson, a boy born at 21 weeks after conception, who just turned a year old, and the lunacy of the “fetal viability” standard.

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