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This week Jonathan is back, to talk with John about the switcharoo that the California legislature is pulling, turning non-abortion bills, into abortion bills. They also discuss National Celebrate Life Day, the history of abortion in American, and the future.

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John tackles the most difficult conversations head-on. Ectopic pregnancies, children conceived from incest, and children conceived from sexual assault are the topics de jour.

Will John handle these topics gracefully? This episode is packed full of good information.

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John sits alone this week and answers some of your burning questions like, "What's the difference between Plan-B and the Abortion Pill?" and "Should men have a say in an abortion?"

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This week Linda joins for our Stories from the Sidewalk segment. She discusses some of the women she has met on the sidewalk and the conversations they had.

Then Jonathan pops in to discuss the upcoming primary and election with John, and how the abortion issue will be handled by candidates.

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